Change is inherently constant when it comes to taxation, and laws on the subject are becoming ever more complicated and as a result increase apparent problems for businesses and organizations.

Taxation now involves not only income tax and stamp duty, but also VAT, corporate tax, and capital gains tax. ZERVOS & CO LIMITED, however, realizes that taxation matters have to be seriously appraised, and can advise and prepare clients on the subject, whether that is submission of their tax returns or forming a tax plan suitable for their measures. Businesses need to concern themselves with tax planning since the proper planning by ZERVOS & CO LIMITED can maximize their tax benefits and advantages, while minimizing their tax liabilities, and increase their funds’ savings as well as liquidity.

ZERVOS & CO LIMITED can advise its clients to plan their tax payments on due days, and, in turn, avoid concentration of tax, tax penalties and interest, and avoid unfavourable results on their working capital. Also the service includes advice on international tax implications and matters that may derive from the use of double tax treaties.

The firm’s tax personnel comprises of very qualified individuals who have a vast understanding of the tax laws and practice.

Zervos & Co Limited is a well organised firm which provides professional services to businesses which include assurance, taxation and advisory services.
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